Write An About Me
Get a killer bio to present yourself!
This will focus on your personal journey as well your professional life and achievements. Works for websites, about me pages, blogs, and your LinkedIn profile. (500 Words)

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$ 75.00
A listicle with an introduction and conclusion with up to 10 items in the list.
I will write a listicle up to 1500 words. This will include and introduction and conclusion and will feature up to 10 list items. I mostly write on business topics but I can write something topical.

I won't do a listicle related to religion, politics, science/medicine, or celebrity-culture. Nothing negative either i.e. '10 reasons to hate..."

Delivery within 7 Days
$ 100.00
Blog Post
Content is King after all!
I can write business-related blog posts and articles. My specialities include writing about remote work, customer service, professional development, HR/People Ops.

Up to 2000 words. Delivery within 10 days.

If you would like to see samples of my writing, click here
$ 125.00
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